Lauren C BrownI began writing as a child. Short stories, fairy tales, and the beginnings of my memoirs filled my time-outs. Of course they were rubbish, but I was determined to finish a novel by age 12 … at least, until Spongebob Squarepants came on the television.

In high school, as a last-ditch effort to avoid a second semester of hearing un, deux, trois with a well-meaning but ineffective French teacher, I joined the newspaper class and realized the fruits of my childhood fantasies.

After two successful years as my high school newspaper’s lead columnist, I came to Baton Rouge in 2007 to study at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication, and earned my B.A. with a minor in business administration in May 2011. While I specialized in print journalism during my schooling, I learned about all aspects of the world of mass media through classes, internships and jobs.

I write, and I write well. Mass communication and media completely enthrall me. Whether it’s feature writing, social media, public relations, advertising or marketing, I’m captivated.

Prior to my 2015 move to Houston, I served as the communications coordinator for the LSU Foundation in Baton Rouge, where I wrote, edited, curated and helped design a 40 page semi-annual magazine; managed the website’s content; managed the social media networks; worked with advertisers; and performed daily miscellaneous tasks that fall under the “coordinator” heading.

My current role is “manager, social marketing and community strategist” at Luminess Air. ย That means that, for all three of the company’s brands, I manage all social media accounts and blogs; oversee the influencer programs; work with graphic designers on marketing content; assist with new product development; and oversee the creation of new (and editing of old) copy across the company.

In my free time, I work as a social media contractor and consultant, author a blog, and enjoy life as best I can.

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