Tiger TV’s “The Ramen”

Tiger TV’s “The Ramen” is an earnest attempt at original and humorous pseudo-news broadcasting for students at LSU.  Sadly, “earnest” and “good” are not synonymous.

The show took continuous jabs at a safe target – Charlie Sheen.  Far too much time was spent on the walking punch line who, by now, is old (and overused) news.

Ramen took a brief turn at roasting Rebecca Black, the most recent sensation in Internet debauchery.  Cast members launched an entertaining assault on the YouTube phenomenon whose laughable song “Friday” is currently No. 40 on the iTunes Top 100 song downloads.  Co-anchor Ben Wallace provided the most amusing original line of the show when he observed “Man, that Rebecca Black sure does know her days of the week.”

The various bits and segments exhibited a feeble attempt at humor through crude and offensive remarks.  Jokes about baby killing, homosexual lifestyles and sexual allusions have no place on a local show with barely enough viewers to receive a rating.

Lamar Narcisse’s Music News has potential comic relief in an otherwise lip-curling failure, but was sold short by his over-the-top voice and perpetual downward stares at the camera.  Ramen’s videographers must learn that cameras need to be at a subject’s eye-level.

As a whole, the show was ripe with deplorable scripting, mumbled speech, awkward shots and edits, and a female anchor with a voice only Audrina Patridge could love.

The best parts of “The Ramen” were glimpses at ludicrous television commercials (ex. “The Tiddy Bear”), a clip of Charlie Sheen in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” the Charlie Sheen interview from “Good Morning America,” and the YouTube zombie kid who loves turtles.  In short, all of the material they borrowed from outside, much more entertaining sources.

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