Sake Cafe – Mall of Louisiana

Alter Ego: The Goddess of Fry – Batter is Better

I’d recommend: 

Clearview Roll (14.95):  This infatuation is one of the priciest rolls on the menu, but the over-indulgence of shrimp tempura, crawfish, snow crab, avocado and cream cheese in soybean sheet will make you lose the girdle.  The roll comes in eight pieces, fried to perfection and drizzled with a delectable spicy mustard/mayo sauce.  Try not to lick the plate.

Shaggy Dog Roll (10.50):  It’s the best-tasting dog in town.  The shrimp tempura and crabmeat concoction blend beautifully beneath a sheet of spicy mustard and eel sauce.  The dog is so tasty, you will inhale it with a few quick chopstick swipes and bark for more. 

I’d avoid:

Squid (3.25):  For the squid enthusiast, Sake’s Ika is probably divine.  I, however, can’t stomach the chewy, rubbery texture.  If I’m going to eat a balloon, it needs to be deep-fried and sure to clog my arteries.

California Roll (4.50):  While not distasteful, the California Roll falls short of the Sake standard.  Their California offers no unique flavor, design or texture that can’t be found in LSU’s Tiger Lair.  With so many dishes that delight the tongue, the California Roll sits bland and unimpressive.


The Bottom Line:

Sake Café boasts an inviting and relaxing ambiance with its subtle color-changing track lighting, warm hues and come-as-you-are dress code.  Even during Happy Hour and weekends, the restaurant is never over-crowded, ensuring you and your party are seated within five minutes.  Modest prices for exquisite rolls keep this batter-enthusiast coming back time and time again.

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